Terms & Conditions

T & C

General Principles

1. Context :

  • The Contest – Sakhar Free Shukrawar (SFS) is a cooking contest for Kids where they submit various recipes that have no sugar or reduced sugar content.

  • Initiated by – A Conexus foundation initiative, supported by Sanofi India, in association with Department of Health, Government of Goa.

  • Participants – Children (age 10 to 16) who are residents of Goa,India.

2. Additional provisions and information :

  • Website– The official event registration website is:www.sfs.online

  • Organizer – Conexus Foundation

Terms and conditions of participation

To participate in the event Participants must:

  • Register for the event on www.sfs.online

  • The Organiser reserves the right to modify the agenda for reasons beyond its control. The Organiser shall not be held liable in any way for damages vis-à-vis the Participants in such event.

  • The decision of any and all jury members either individually or collectively or both shall be final and binding on all participants.

  • The Organiser reserves the right to alter the event date for reasons beyond its control.

  • There is no event participant fee of any kind. Please steer away and report any instance where a registration fee of any kind is asked.

  • On successful registration, participants are giving their consent to the organisers to use their personal details such as their name, age, school name and their submitted photos (at later stages) on various assets : promotional and otherwise, such as advertisements, announcements, social media content, brochures, etc.

  • On successful registration, participants are giving their consent to the organisers to use their entries (submitted recipes) to be featured on various assets : promotional and otherwise and the Organisers will own the recipe entries, hence, it cannot be used by the participants for other platforms, say another cooking contest.

Permission to use image

  • During the event, the Organiser may arrange photo sessions and may film the course of the event and may ask the participants to submit photos and self-recorded video content for the purposes of broadcasting in the media (TV, radio, Internet, press) or for the purposes of documentation, marketing, or advertising for the Organiser or other parties named by the Organiser. By participating in the event Participants give their implicit permission for the recording, use an/or dissemination by the Organiser, parties related to it of each Participant’s image, voice, expression in any promotional and marketing materials without limitation of time or territory.

  • This permission means specifically that photo, video and audio recordings taken during the event may be placed on the event website or another website managed by the Organiser, as well as used in marketing materials, including by dissemination in audio or video formats. The Participants hereby wave any claims (existing or future), including for compensation from the Organiser for such use of their image, voice or expression for the purposes defined hereunder.
  • Final provisions

    • For all decisions related to the contest viz. shortlisting, result announcement, disqualification, etc., Jury has the final say.

    • Participants are instructed to submit only original content. Any kind of plagiarism will be subjected to scrutiny by the Jury. Jury holds the right either look into the matter (in case it’s a creative clash : almost similar recipes submitted by multiple participants) or discard it.

    • During their registration process, participants must fill all fields marked (*). Participants thereby guarantee that all the details filled in are correct.

    • The Organizer shall act as the administrator of personal data of the Participants

    • Personal data of the Participant’s collected by the Organizer from the event participation form shall be processed for the organisation purposes in accordance with the Regulations.

    • The Organizer reserves the right to use the email address specified when registering for the event to send notifications to Participants of the event, including about changes in the event programme or the Regulations

    • The Organiser can be contacted via electronic mail at contest@sfs.online.

    • Any disputes arising in relation to the event participation shall be decided by courts with jurisdiction for the Organiser.